Query Parameters


This query parameter specifies the URL endpoint where screenshot confirmation requests should be sent.


The wqDelay query parameter sets a delay, in milliseconds, this delay is used after click or set input value. It can be useful to simulate human interaction or check the script behavior or to control the rate of requests.


Specifies a local URL endpoint for running tests. This allows for automated testing to be executed on a local development server rather than a production server.


This parameter controls whether the test should loop for given integer value of times or use `forever` to loop indefinitely.


The wqRest parameter is use along the the wpLoop parameter and it's the time that the code will wait before starting a new loop.


Is API key or secret that will be used for authorization. This is mandatory to start a test or manage the files.


Specifies the test to be run.

To run the ToDo App example test with additional options use: