Local Data for Ultimate Privacy

If you prefer to keep your test scripts on your local systems instead of on the WebQA² cloud, store them in URLs available from your server and include them before the WebQA² script; you can also include scripts of reusable shared test facilities, like WebQA² uses common.js:
<script src="https://webqa2.com/infra?wqLocalTestEndpoint=/test"></script>

You still run tests with the same page links but they are now read from the local endpoint that you provided:



You can also add facilities in your own server so screenshots will be stored on your server and verified from it, instead of on the WebQA² cloud.
<script src="https://webqa2.com/infra?wqLocalTestEndpoint=/test&wqConfirmScreenshotEndpoint=/handleScreenshot"></script>

You need to your server the following HTTP handlers:
GET /handleScreenshot/<screenshot-name>
POST /handleScreenshot/<screenshot-name>